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Well, once again I can't get access to LJ and I just posted the latest chapter of Elegy. Serious drag.
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I'm passing this along for [livejournal.com profile] alex_cat   Of Elves and Men is hosting a Big Bang challenge.  Here is the LJ link:  http://oeam-bigbang.livejournal.com/profile

Here are the fandoms they support

Arthurian Legend
Doctor Who/Torchwood
Final Fantasy
Law and Order
Legend of the Seeker
Pirates of the Caribbean
Queer as Folk
Sherlock Holmes
Star Trek
The Magnificent Seven
Urban Fantasy
Real Person Fiction (of listed fandom actors, writers, etc.)

Here are the dates for the challenge:
August 1 – Author Sign-ups Begin
August 1 – Artist Sign-ups Begin
August 31 – Author sign-ups end
September 1 - Writing Time Begins
October 1 – Beta Sign-ups Begin
October 1 – Author Check-in Number 1
November 1 – Author Sign-in Number 2
December 1 – Author Check-in Number 3
December 31 – Writing Time Ends
December 31 – Artist Sign-ups End
January 1 – Rough Drafts Due
January 1 – Artist Claims Begin
January 16 – Beta'd stories due
January 17 – Work on Edits
February 1 – Art/Stories Due
February 1 – Posting Begins

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Hi LJ refugees,

After 7 years on LJ, establishing a new account here.
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That has got to be the cutest picture ever.  I wonder who the lucky photographer was who took that?

Well, you'd have to be hiding under a rock to have missed the news that the Royal Wedding happened today.  I slept in and didn't watch it since it occurred at an ungodly hour of the morning my time. I do understand that many Brits are fed up with the vestigial monarchy and wish to see it fade away into history and can sympathize.  I watched John Oliver poking fun at the wedding hoorah last night with his interviews of disgruntled British citizens irritated at how much it was costing. I read people yapping on the yahoo message board saying things like  "I give them about a year" and other mean-spirited comments.  And yesterday I heard a very unhappy newscaster from the BBC saying that in the midst of three wars, recession, and the disaster in Japan, why were we taking so much time and spending so much money to focus on this "rather inoffensive" couple getting married?  

However, I just spent a few minutes watching highlights of the wedding on the news and I have an answer to the disgruntled among us.

Bad shit is always happening: evil, corruption, poverty, wars, and natural disasters. The Four Horsemen seem particularly busy of late.  Why can't we take a moment to celebrate love, marriage, tradition, family?  I think it is precisely because all these awful things are happening that the world so hungers for something positive, to share  a moment of beauty and hope and the potential for happily ever after.  Even if life conspires to do bad things to this beautiful young couple, and undoubtedly bad things will happen, they always do, they will have their shining moment.  And can we be blamed for wanting to share it?

And unlike the rather forced and arranged marriage of Diana and Charles (which I remember watching), William and Kate have lived together for what, 8 years?  They seem genuinely in love and I wish them nothing but the best.  

Kate's dress was to die for!  I loved it. So romantic and traditional, simple and perfect. And she seemed so charming and genuinely sweet and lovely.    Anyway, that is my pie-eyed optimist view for today.  And btw, I understand all the tourists pumped millions of pounds back into the British economy, hopefully making up for all the expense this moment of joy cost.

To all my wonderful British friends, feel free to rail if you like.  After all, it was in your backyard, not mine. LOL.
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I just picked this up from a friend on the Lizards. Here's some info on the casting of Bilbo and the dwarves. They are quite a handsome lot for dwarves.  Kili is gorgeous.  Although I daresay, for me personally, a long scraggly beard never enhances a man's appearance.  Oh, I smell RPS already in the making.  LOL.

The one that is causing me to swoon is Bill Nighy as Smaug's voice.  Anyone of you who have read Dragon Fever know I have a soft spot for the dragon.  I think Bill will be wonderful.  Here are his "do you fear death-ah" lines in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies where he played Davy Jones.

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I just did a little check when I saw the rumor that Sylvester McCoy (the 7th Dr. Who) had been tapped to play Bilbo. I love Sylvester but wondered if he was a bit long in the tooth now. Well, more rumors which no one will substantiate say that he'll play an older version of Bilbo recounting his adventures and who knows who will play his younger part?  Saw a blurb  with a partial casting list, including a part for a completely invented female elf lead, named Itaril, who is supposed to be a warrior falling for an unnamed elf lord -- apparently coming from Rivendell. Can you say fanfic here?  Guess this is the attempt to put some wimmin in Tolkien's world.  I was disappointed when looking at the casting list that Thranduil was not mentioned.  Wtf?   

Guess we don't know anything until they decide to announce it.
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Apparently the "I write like" site has exploded on the web.  It certainly did on my f-list.   Here's the article. My favorite line is that Lady Gaga's lyrics for Alejandro comes up as writing like William Shakespeare.  Yay!
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Ian McKellen just sent out a tweet saying The Hobbit is moving along even without Guillermo del Toro. Casting is set for next month. Yay! Here's the link.    And here's more information about the two movies.  The old idea was they were doing one movie with the events from the Hobbit and the second one about the events between the Hobbit and the Fellowship, I assume dealing a lot with Aragorn's search for Gollum.   Now they plan to split the Hobbit into two, dramatizing some of the events only mentioned including the White Council driving Sauron (the Necromancer) out of Dol Guldur.  Sounds good to me.  So Cate Blanchett really will have a meatier role.    Of course the perennial question is who will play Thranduil? 
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Archaeologists just unearthed a soft leather shoe about 5,500 years old from a cave in Armenia.  Here's the story.  And it's got lacing.    I just love stuff like this.

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I'm pleased to say that I've had two stories nominated for Middle-earth fanfiction awards:

Touch of a Vanished Hand nominated both by [livejournal.com profile] nelyo_russandol   and by [livejournal.com profile] ignoblebard 


my 300 word drabble Urequited nominated by [livejournal.com profile] lady_roisin 

Thanks so kindly  for the nominations and especial thanks to [livejournal.com profile] nelyo_russandol   for making the lovely banners!  
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 Here's the story.  Apparently with all the delays caused by MGM being in huge debt, GdT has said he has to quit as director of The Hobbit.  He will still work on the script but can't commit to the rest of the project.  Wah!   I wonder if The Hobbit movie is just doomed. 
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Story here.    I love stories like this where mad scientists wielding test tubes discover creative ways to cure the world's ills.  Too bad we rarely hear about the follow-up.   Here in the desert cigarette butts and other paper takes decades to disintegrate. 
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Here's wishing a very merry birthday to [livejournal.com profile] pilgrimskiss    Hope it's filled with joy and chocolate.   Hugs!

Legolas by Orpheelin
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I just came across this article about a new book by Michael J. Fox. I've always admired him but I didn't know he quit high school and moved to L.A. to pursue his acting career. The excerpt from the book shows a witty, articulate man with a lot of wisdom to offer. Just goes to show there can be many alternative paths to success. I'm thinking of getting his book and giving it to my kids. (Not that I'd recommend quitting high school). 
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Just the past couple of days I've had a terrible time logging onto my LJ and it will either bring up just the background with a message saying something about the site being busy or there's some loop in the code or something, or it will just take FOREVER to load anything and then often enough it says it's done loading but the screen is still blank or it defaults to some weird format. Just putting this post up took me about twenty minutes. *is annoyed*
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Pic by dreamworlds.ru   "Luthien"

Unrequited by elfscribe
For Lady Roisin
Rating: G
Characters: Daeron, Lúthien, Thingol, Melian
Beta: Thevina   
A drabble in 300 words.

Read more... )
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[livejournal.com profile] alex_beecroft  recently posted this lovely m/m video and I thought I'd pass it along. 

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This commercial made me laugh. I'm not shilling for them, but whoever did this commercial has a certain genius. "I'm on a horse."

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Today, Elfscribe's contribution to her LJ bud's erudition and lore is the Random Shakespearean Insult Generator. Now you can have your very own Insult, useful for all sorts of occasions, including something to say disparagingly to an uncooperative fic.  Go here.  If you do, please post your very own personal insult in the comments here.   
Here's what I got just now: Thou gorbellied elf-skinned joithead!


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