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Pic by dreamworlds.ru   "Luthien"

Unrequited by elfscribe
For Lady Roisin
Rating: G
Characters: Daeron, Lúthien, Thingol, Melian
Beta: Thevina   
A drabble in 300 words.

By twos and threes they came, the children of Ilúvatar, treading through the warm summer night, glittering like fireflies, silky robes billowing. With gentle laughter they gathered  to hear Daeron, the master harper, who, it was said, could charm a song from the wind.

Tall, silver-haired Elu Thingol came, holding his queen, fair Melian by the hand, their ancient love shiny as spring leaves. They nodded at Daeron, who sat on the dais, hands poised over the strings of his harp, yearning for what they wore so lightly. 

Last came Lúthien, beloved of her people, cloud of black hair falling untamed about her shoulders, eyes brighter than the evening star. Briefly, she glanced at Daeron, holding him enthralled. Just for her, he had crafted a new song, laboring long into the night. It must be perfect.

Expectant stillness.

Tenderly, he plucked the strings, releasing a cascade of crystal notes and the crowd sighed.  In a voice purer than silver, sweeter than a nightingale, he sang of Cuiviénen in the morning of the world, of shining waterfalls that widened into clear pools, and foamed, flower-laden, towards the sea. There, in the hidden dells the awakening Firstborn touched their own faces and knew they were alive. The gladsome tune changed to a minor key and Daeron sang of a fair maid dwelling by the waters, who had captured a youth’s heart, and because she knew it not, paid him no heed. Overhead wheeled the canopy of stars as he sang of longing and love unrequited until his listeners’ hearts were wounded and their cheeks wet.  

He bowed his head, his song ended.  A beat of silence, then, a tumult of applause. 

He sought her approving glance, but of all those admiring faces, only she looked past him, perceiving another melody from afar.   

 * *  * *      

Date: 2010-04-08 05:17 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] thrihyrne.livejournal.com
Gorgeous, gorgeous! In my re-reading, this sentence jumped out: There, in the hidden dells the awakening Firstborn touched their own faces and knew they were alive.

That must have been such a tremendous moment, that Primordial Awakening. The Dwarf-centric soul that I have still wants to jump up and say, "But Aule's children were created first!" ;) You so beautifully capture Elvish sensitivities, especially in these early years. I admire that!!

Date: 2010-04-08 09:01 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] elfscribe5.livejournal.com
Thank you my dear. You'll notice I changed it quite a bit more after I sent it to you. Thanks for the comments.

Kenaz wrote an incredible story about the awakening and I can't remember the title now, but really wonderful ideas about what that was like. I'd never thought of it before. I'm glad you think this captured elvish sensibilities. This is more fae than I've written the elves before. Feels like the more traditional view of the Faery Queen.
Looking forward to your fic. Have a lot of fun this weekend!


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