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I just came across this article about a new book by Michael J. Fox. I've always admired him but I didn't know he quit high school and moved to L.A. to pursue his acting career. The excerpt from the book shows a witty, articulate man with a lot of wisdom to offer. Just goes to show there can be many alternative paths to success. I'm thinking of getting his book and giving it to my kids. (Not that I'd recommend quitting high school). 
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Hi friends,
No, didn't have green beer or anything to drink today and although I bought corned beef and cabbage, I didn't make any because all the family is out of the house. Tomorrow night.   Anyway, here's a virtual erin go bragh to ye.

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Prince Nuada petition
If  you are a fan of Prince Nuada from Hellboy II (see my earlier post), there is a petition to G. del Toro to make another movie featuring that character here.   Have no idea what effect, if any, it might have.  *shrugs*  Btw, I discovered that Nuada is an ancient Celtic god with an interesting history and that Tolkien speculated on the origins of his name.  Obviously, I have nothing better to do than surf the web looking at such things.  (So not true.)

Need book recs:
On another note, my good friend [livejournal.com profile] capella_fic  gave me a birthday gift certificate to Amazon and I've been trying to decide how to spend it.  I am ordering Alex Beecroft's upcoming book, False Colors and trying to decide on one of Josh Lanyon's books.  Which one would you rec?  Also any other recs?  They don't have to be slashy, but that's always nice.  *g* 


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