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Hello folks,
I'm cleaning house and have unfriended a few folks on my f-list with whom I've had no contact over the years and wasn't sure how they were on the list. There is no intent of malice or any hidden meaning in this. If I unfriended you and you want to be back on my list, simply put a post here to that effect and I'll gladly put you back on.

On another topic, I now grouse along with everyone about latest LJ attempt to control adult content. I don't mind the ability to flag one's journal as having adult content, although many have noted how little good that will do as underage folks just click yes they are of age and then party on, dude. However, if it keeps grade school kids who have LJs from accidently clicking on adult content, fine. It is a pain however that not only is the journal as a whole flagged and one has to confirm one's age, but EACH entry is also so flagged with an LJ cut and that obliterates the cuts I've created in the entry which doesn't allow for any nuances with the warnings.  What does "adult content" mean anyhow? Offensive is a relative term.  What's offensive to you may not be to me and vice versa.

I also object to the ability of others to flag content as offensive, thus opening up whole new cans of worms and allowing the rabid thought police out there more tools to cause trouble. I just had the experience of Photobucket marking a pic as offensive in my own LOCKED account and the pic in question was the CGI altered pic of Angelina Jolie in the movie Beowulf which has been shown all over with a PG13 rating. It simply wasn't offensive to most sane people but Photobucket pulled it out of my private account and there's nothing I can do about it. (If you want to see the pic in question and judge for yourself, go to previous post, although if you're not on my f-list, you won't be able to see it.) So, an example of how completely subjective it can be.

What I find most offensive on all the latest LJ flaps, is the lack of communication on the part of LJ and the sneaky nature of their changes. No one informed us about these changes, we have to discover them through the grapevine.  After reading [personal profile] erestor 's post  I went to my account and changed the settings. However, LJ had defaulted one setting to "collapse adult content and explicit adult content" which would mean I couldn't look at a lot of my friends posts and I had no idea how to change that. I discovered by poking around in the comments on various friends journals that the reason was I didn't have a date of birth listed on my profile. Fixed now, but well, crap that's been an hour of my life I'll never get back.  Maybe I should go to LJ Maintenance and start flagging their entries as offensive.


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