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I just picked this up from a friend on the Lizards. Here's some info on the casting of Bilbo and the dwarves. They are quite a handsome lot for dwarves.  Kili is gorgeous.  Although I daresay, for me personally, a long scraggly beard never enhances a man's appearance.  Oh, I smell RPS already in the making.  LOL.

The one that is causing me to swoon is Bill Nighy as Smaug's voice.  Anyone of you who have read Dragon Fever know I have a soft spot for the dragon.  I think Bill will be wonderful.  Here are his "do you fear death-ah" lines in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies where he played Davy Jones.

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 Here's the story.  Apparently with all the delays caused by MGM being in huge debt, GdT has said he has to quit as director of The Hobbit.  He will still work on the script but can't commit to the rest of the project.  Wah!   I wonder if The Hobbit movie is just doomed. 
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Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] sian265   here is a link to some news about PJ's Hobbit movies.

The scuttlebutt is that Ian McKellan will return to play Gandalf (we knew that) and Hugo Weaving will reprise Elrond.  Cate Blanchett may return as Galadriel.  Apparently that's it for the returnees.  So no Orli playing a cameo Legolas.   Also, apparently they have no Bilbo picked out and are casting a wide net for all the characters.   The first script is completed, still working on the second.   The first movie probably won't be in theatres until 2012.  Hey wait, isn't that the year the earth is supposed to end?  Noooooo. 


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