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I saw Avatar this evening, in 3D, and it is truly a visual feast that I can enthusiastically recommend with some caveats . . . Beware! Spoilers follow. Read more... )

Btw, I just found this review that I agree with completely, so if I'd just posted the link last night, I could have saved myself some writing time.  lol.
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Saw Indiana Jones and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull today. We played hookey and went in the morning. It was still crowded. All I can say is Meh. George Lucas shouldn't write screen plays. Yeah, beautifully filmed, amazing production values, lots of action. But you know lots of action with no particular point, is well pointless and actually becomes boring. One of these days Hollywood will get over their love affair with the special effects and CGI and realize that you still need a good STORY. This story gets lost along the way and is weird and actually predictable. There is a key plot point in fact that both my husband and I didn't catch at all. I mean yeah, I can miss stuff, but he never does.

So, it's got lots of nostalgic references to the first Indiana Jones, lots of major action sequences, but not near enough clever dialogue and no story that you cared about. I felt like I was in a Disneyland theme park ride. My two cents.

The dove report: Mama is busy brooding another egg. It was incredibly windy the last two days and she hunkered down under the eaves, feathers fluffed. I love the way Dad shows up to spell her and she immediately, no hesitation, hops over him, and takes off leaving him to keep the egg warm for a while.
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Last night I saw a clever and creative movie,  among the best I've seen in a while.  It's called Death Note, part 1 and in Japanese with subtitles.  
I'd vaguely heard of this one before, heard that it was about a boy who finds a notebook and discovers he can kill people by writing in it.  Based on that, I didn't think I'd be interested because it sounded like the typical stupid Hollywood slasher movie.  But it's not like that at all. Death Note is about the line between good and evil, about justice, the corrupting influence of power, and involves a game of hunter and hunted, in which two brilliant minds grapple with one another. What I loved about this movie is that it is so smart, with twists and turns and continually raised stakes, great characters, symbolism, and moral questions to ponder, not to mention two fine-looking protagonists. 

Addendum:  Eh well I saw part 2 tonight and I didn't care for it particularly.  Still has the complicated twists in plot, but went on way too long and got weird and no, did not like the ending.  So now I'm not as hot on it as I was. Oh well.
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Went to see the movie Beowulf last weekend - in 3 D no less and thought I’d put in my two cents about it. While it actually exceeded my expectations (which weren’t high), I didn’t think it qualified as a great movie. It was, however, entertaining. Lots of action, blustering heroes, and fabulous monsters, not the least of which was Angelina Jolie’s seductive characterization of Grendel’s mom. (Yum!) If you are familiar with the original poem, you’ll discover that the movie differs from the original in a number of key ways. For one thing, no way did Grendel's mom look like Angelina Jolie. LOL. Certainly every generation reinterprets the classics in new ways, which inevitably say more about our times than about the times in which they were written. So what does it say about us that the modern reinterpretation of this epic tale portrays the "heroes" as flawed men who succumb to the lure of power, violence, and sex, particularly that sex stuff? The monsters are wonderful though, especially the dragon. And wow, the final battle with the dragon is spectacular.

People have raved on about the quality of the CGI effects in which the animated characters, based on the real life actors, look almost real. For me, it was a little disconcerting, and more like watching Sims or a video game than a movie. While I’ve often been wowed by the quality of the graphics and animation in modern video games, in this movie I found them a poor substitute for real actors. I would have preferred to see real actors with the CGI blended in, as in LOTR. But I guess that would have required Ray Winston, who played Beowulf, to actually work out to develop that six-pack. LOL. And the 3D effects were fun, you know, the spears and arrows and such coming right at you.

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 Went to see Pan's Labyrinth last night. Considering all the rave reviews, including one comparing it to the Lord of the Rings, I expected to like it much more than I did. Don't get me wrong, I think it was an excellent movie in many ways: original and creative script, beautifully filmed, well-acted, but it was not the movie I was expecting. I was expecting something like Mirrormask (absolutely amazing, if you haven't seen it) or some version of Through the Looking Glass. Instead, this film is very dark and disturbingly violent. And although it has been promoted as a fantasy film featuring a wide-eyed young girl, it is definitely NOT for children!  It is much more about the real-life evil represented by the brutal Spanish civil war of 1936-39 where a group of right-wing generals led by Franco and supported by Hitler and Mussolini toppled the elected leftist government. Into this real historic event is mixed a kind of magical realism involving the faun Pan, and a story about a princess who must face some horrific monsters.  In addition, it is in Spanish, with subtitles, so kids might have a hard time following it.  I repeat, NOT a film for children.

More  )
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Well, I have to confess that I  watched most of the Queen of the Damned last night on T.V.  I'm not an Anne Rice fan, don't particularly care for vampire stories and Queen of the Damned is a truly awful movie.  In fact, I got up to leave several times it was so bad.  So why did I watch it?  I simply couldn't take my eyes off Stuart Townsend who played Lestat.   He was so gorgeous and so rivetingly sexy, I was in total lust. And then when he shows up at the end shirtless wearing VERY low-slung pants . . . uh yeah, Ohmygodfistinmouth!

And the scene with him and Akasha in the rose-petal filled pool when she bites down on his nipple.  YIKES!  The only other good thing in the movie was Vincent Perez who played Marius.  Now, if it were up to me, we'd have got rid of  Akasha (such bad acting) and put Marius and Lestat together.  There are enough slashy overtones anyway between them especially since Marius was Lestat's "maker."  Erg.  Okay.  Just thought I'd share with my friends who understand just how demented I am.  Here are some pics just for fun.  (Btw, I'm glad they didn't keep Townsend as Aragorn - all wrong, but you'd think they could've made him an elf or something.)

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Hello all,
Well, we had a great party last night which went into the wee hours.  I slept late, got up to face a kitchen that looked utterly debauched, had a fight with my teenage daughter (that was fun), thought of taking the Christmas tree down - didn't -  and then went with friends to see Eragon.  So far the year is starting ho-hum.   I'm feeling the after holiday depression, I think.  Don't have much ambition to do anything, looked at the epilogue I was working on and didn't feel the spark to do anything with it.  I've read a number of fics that are much better than anything I can do and feeling depressed about writing again.  I've got the perennial think-I'll-give-up-writing blues.  Got to go back to work tomorrow. So, it's back to real life.  Sigh.

Anyway, for my last foray into fantasy for a while, I went to see Eragon.   The movie had moments but was mostly a disappointment.
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I had the day from utter hell at work today.  Looking for total escapism, I rented "Ringers: Lord of the Fans," which is an attempt at a  LOTR version of Trekkies.
brief review - ok, but not overwhelmed )

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Saw Brokeback Mountain this weekend.  Thoroughly recommend it, even though it is quite sad.  Just a bit more )
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Saw the Goblet of Fire today and loved it!

more rambling impressions and some spoilers )


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