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I just came across this article about a new book by Michael J. Fox. I've always admired him but I didn't know he quit high school and moved to L.A. to pursue his acting career. The excerpt from the book shows a witty, articulate man with a lot of wisdom to offer. Just goes to show there can be many alternative paths to success. I'm thinking of getting his book and giving it to my kids. (Not that I'd recommend quitting high school). 
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Just the past couple of days I've had a terrible time logging onto my LJ and it will either bring up just the background with a message saying something about the site being busy or there's some loop in the code or something, or it will just take FOREVER to load anything and then often enough it says it's done loading but the screen is still blank or it defaults to some weird format. Just putting this post up took me about twenty minutes. *is annoyed*
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I saw this article on Yahoo news about the newly discovered Staffordshire Hoard.  A recent discovery of an incredible Anglo-Saxon treasure which archaeologists are saying is more significant than the Sutton Hoo find!  My archaeologist's soul does a snoopy dance.   What I find so amazing about this is the idea that still in this day and age when one would think everything that could be found has been . . . and then we discover there is still more to discover.  Fabulous.
Here's a website with shiny pics.

Pieces from the Staffordshire hoard, discovered July, 2009
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Hello dear f-list,

Does anyone have any experience with print-on-demand publishing companies?   I'm gathering data for a project and We're looking at some possibilities, particularly with Lightning Source, Outskirts Press, or Aventine.   

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Hi friends,
No, didn't have green beer or anything to drink today and although I bought corned beef and cabbage, I didn't make any because all the family is out of the house. Tomorrow night.   Anyway, here's a virtual erin go bragh to ye.

book recs  )

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Prince Nuada petition
If  you are a fan of Prince Nuada from Hellboy II (see my earlier post), there is a petition to G. del Toro to make another movie featuring that character here.   Have no idea what effect, if any, it might have.  *shrugs*  Btw, I discovered that Nuada is an ancient Celtic god with an interesting history and that Tolkien speculated on the origins of his name.  Obviously, I have nothing better to do than surf the web looking at such things.  (So not true.)

Need book recs:
On another note, my good friend [livejournal.com profile] capella_fic  gave me a birthday gift certificate to Amazon and I've been trying to decide how to spend it.  I am ordering Alex Beecroft's upcoming book, False Colors and trying to decide on one of Josh Lanyon's books.  Which one would you rec?  Also any other recs?  They don't have to be slashy, but that's always nice.  *g* 

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1) Christmas eve with good friends and family. Finally feeling caught up and relaxed.
Merry Christmas All!

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OMG - I am so happy - Barack won!!  I'm crying.  What a speech!!  What an incredible night! 


Sep. 4th, 2007 11:09 pm
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Elfscribe's back in town. What did I miss?
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Cleaning up my e-mails from while I was gone.


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