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I just picked this up from a friend on the Lizards. Here's some info on the casting of Bilbo and the dwarves. They are quite a handsome lot for dwarves.  Kili is gorgeous.  Although I daresay, for me personally, a long scraggly beard never enhances a man's appearance.  Oh, I smell RPS already in the making.  LOL.

The one that is causing me to swoon is Bill Nighy as Smaug's voice.  Anyone of you who have read Dragon Fever know I have a soft spot for the dragon.  I think Bill will be wonderful.  Here are his "do you fear death-ah" lines in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies where he played Davy Jones.

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I just did a little check when I saw the rumor that Sylvester McCoy (the 7th Dr. Who) had been tapped to play Bilbo. I love Sylvester but wondered if he was a bit long in the tooth now. Well, more rumors which no one will substantiate say that he'll play an older version of Bilbo recounting his adventures and who knows who will play his younger part?  Saw a blurb  with a partial casting list, including a part for a completely invented female elf lead, named Itaril, who is supposed to be a warrior falling for an unnamed elf lord -- apparently coming from Rivendell. Can you say fanfic here?  Guess this is the attempt to put some wimmin in Tolkien's world.  I was disappointed when looking at the casting list that Thranduil was not mentioned.  Wtf?   

Guess we don't know anything until they decide to announce it.
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Ian McKellen just sent out a tweet saying The Hobbit is moving along even without Guillermo del Toro. Casting is set for next month. Yay! Here's the link.    And here's more information about the two movies.  The old idea was they were doing one movie with the events from the Hobbit and the second one about the events between the Hobbit and the Fellowship, I assume dealing a lot with Aragorn's search for Gollum.   Now they plan to split the Hobbit into two, dramatizing some of the events only mentioned including the White Council driving Sauron (the Necromancer) out of Dol Guldur.  Sounds good to me.  So Cate Blanchett really will have a meatier role.    Of course the perennial question is who will play Thranduil? 
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 Here's the story.  Apparently with all the delays caused by MGM being in huge debt, GdT has said he has to quit as director of The Hobbit.  He will still work on the script but can't commit to the rest of the project.  Wah!   I wonder if The Hobbit movie is just doomed. 
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I just saw this article on the AP about a lawsuit settlement that will now enable The Hobbit to go forward.  Gad, I wasn't aware there still was a lawsuit.  I'd thought it was between New Line and Peter Jackson. Is that another issue?  I fail to understand how if there was a contract between the Tolkien estate and New Line for a percentage of profits, that the Tolkien estate was forced to sue to get that contract honored? Is it because it was an earlier agreement with another studio and therefore ambiguous as to whether or not it applied to New Line?
Sheesh.  I guess the good news is we can expect the Hobbit movie sometime in the next few years. 

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Ana Library Elf and I were discussing the possibility of casting Luke Goss as Thranduil.  He caught our attention playing the lovely but psychotic Prince Nuada on Hellboy II - which was directed by Guillermo del Toro who is also directing the Hobbit.  So this isn't a totally hairbrained idea.  Anyway, check out these INCREDIBLE fight scenes, take off all the white make-up and whadaya think?

More pics of Luke Goss  )


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